Warehouses GreenCor Logistics uses are located in the Baltics, in Riga, Latvia, and Kaunas, Lithuania. All of them are customs and excise warehouses. They are staffed by highly qualified personnel with many years of experience, all of whom effortlessly perform tasks of any difficulty.

The warehouses specialize in the processing of food products, alcoholic drinks, consumer products, feed, and industrial cargo.

Based on the client’s wishes, we develop projects for storing, transferring, and processing any other cargo, whether regular size or oversize.

The warehouses are equipped with all the necessary machinery for working with cargo.

  • Consolidation and storage
  • B2B cargo/order assembly
  • Packaging and repackaging
  • Quality control and rejection of defects
  • Cargo weighing
  • Labeling the goods with translations
  • Labeling the goods with excise stamps
  • Translating and printing the labels
  • Developing labels in accordance with the legislation

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